New material on soundcloud - 2013/02/27

Late update! Mind:state has been sleeping for a while but is now back on track. New material can be found all the time on soundcloud.

Please go to for updates


Mind:state and SteamWork = True - 2009/01/01

Mind:state has now started a collaboration with the booking agency SteamWork. This will mean more and fatter gigs!

Please go to for more info


Re:Connected 3 - 2008/09/27

The new Alfa Matrix release RE:CONNECTED 3 will feature the brand new, previously unrelease song "Immortal" by Mind:state, along with a big list of other artists. As usual the box will be smacked with goodies for you to hear!

Click the picture to get the full tracklist.

After the show - 2007/08/06

Thank you all who came to Copenhagen on Aug. 4th for the Mind:state show and Club Stahlwerk (at Faust). We had a great time and enjoyed the club very much! So once again, - A big thank you to all who showed up and to you guys who danced through out the show (you know who you are)

Until next time, enjoy your new club! And let us hope it will be around for many years to come!

// Pelle & Marcus

Live show - 2007/07/16

Mind:state will play live @ Club Stahlwerk in Copenhagen - Denmark, on August 4th. Details on when the gates open and when we will go on stage is beeing worked out. Check out this page for updates, or visit Club Stahlwerk on

Come and have a great time! And get a chance to meet the band. See you there!

Interviews, Website updates & DAC end - 2007/04/24

Bloodysummoners over at Vampire Freaks took the time to do an interview with Mind:state.

When you refer to Mind:State, how do you describe your music to people? What do you label your music to other people as?

Fun that you should ask because I met some people from South Africa just the other day, and they asked me about my music. So I had to describe it of course and it is not an easy thing to do, especially to people that are not into this kind of music. What I normally say is that I do electronic music with vocals that you can dance to. That's the easiest way to describe it I think. I avoid trying to be more genre specific than that.

I saw that your newest album, "Decayed, Rebuilt" was on the Deutsche Alternative Charts in position #7 for 5 weeks, this seems very good in your position and I congratulate you for this. Do you have any long-term career goals like releasing another single or album?

Even better is that it ended up on position #4 before getting bumped from the list. I plan on working with this project for as long as possible. At the moment I don't see how it can end, it has just begun. I'm currently working on the second album as we speak, and I plan on setting up a tour. If you run a club and read this - book us! If I ever grow tired of this I will try to make something new and fresh. Making music is important to me, whether it is Mind:State or any other project.

VF Interview

The site will get new sections in a short while, more goodies for all you fans who visit the site!

Also the album "Decayed, Rebuilt" ended its walk on the DAC on position #4! Thanks to all who voted!

DAC Charts - 2007/03/24

The debute album 'Decayed, rebuilt' is still standing strong on the DAC Charts and is now in position 7! It has stayed on the chart for 5 weeks. Thanks to all the people in Germany who enjoy the music :)

Reviews - 2007/02/20

The release of 'Decayed, rebuilt' is not for a few more days, still a bunch reviews of the album have popped up! So the first one is from Elektrauma. They gave 'Decayed, rebuilt' good critique, saying it has good melodies and offers a good diversity, the grade: 5/6!

The second review is by the electro webzine Industrial Bible who says "Every once in a while an album comes along that seems to get stuck on repeat in the car and at home. Decayed, Rebuilt by Mind:State is one of those albums.". The review is really good and you can read it in the next issue of the Webzine.

Electrauma Review (it is in German)

In other news, 'Decayed, rebuilt' entered the DAC Charts as a bullet! Now lets hope it clibms.

Album release! - 2007/01/09

Finally the release date is set! February the 23rd is the date you all should write down, because that is the date when the album 'Decayed, rebuilt' will be released on Alfa Matrix!

MIND:STATE's debut EP "bbbcx2" and the band's various compilation appearances have whet your appetite for more… Today we can proudly announce that the recordings for the "Decayed, Rebuilt" album are done and that the album's release is scheduled for February 23rd 2007. It is true that on many occasions MIND:STATE received eloquent comparisons with prestigious bands in the likes of VNV NATION, NAMNAMBULU and especially ASSEMBLAGE 23. But on "Decayed, Rebuilt', Per Holmström also reveals a much harder edge with straight EBM tracks like "Bounty Hunter" or yet "Bloodlines". He also explores more icy territories on the dark low tempo and KLINIK-al "Nothing Remains" to eventually close the album with the bombastic Swedish song, "Din Värld". (read more...)

Mind:state - 'Decayed, rebuilt' CD

On "Decayed, Rebuilt", Per Holmström reveals a much harder edge with straight EBM tracks like ‘Bounty Hunter" or yet "Bloodlines". He also explores more icy territories on the dark low tempo and KLINIK-al "Nothing Remains" to eventually close the album with the bombastic Swedish song, "Din Värld". Add to this some remarkable guest vocal contributions including a splendid duet with I:SCINTILLA"s lead singer Brittany Bindrim on the trancey and very expressive "This Above All", some harder punkish chaotic backings from Chris Koch of CRISK on "Nothing But A Heartbeat" and harsher dual vocals from Len Lemeire (IMPLANT) who added some venom on "Confession" and especially on the instant club hit "Black Angel".

The limited carton box edition of the album includes, in addition to the usual goodies (poster, photos, etc.), a 13-track bonus disc featuring 2 exclusive non-album songs ("Mother Father" and "Regret") and remixes from bands like LOWE, CULTUR KÜLTUR, MNEMONIC, DISKONNEKTED, TEMPLE OF TEARS, GOD"S OWN MEDICINE, GOD"S BOW, HOPELESS, TECNOMAN, B.A.T.T.L., SKOYZ.

PRICE: EUR 17 Free shipping worldwide
Original Release Date: Feb. 23rd. 2007
Label: Alfa Matrix
Format: CD

>> BUY - Decayed, rebuilt <<
>> BUY - Decayed, rebuilt (Limited 2CD) <<

01. close your eyesaudio preview
02. black angel (album mix)audio preview
03. bounty hunteraudio preview
04. this above allaudio preview
05. bloodlinesaudio preview
06. beliefaudio preview
07. nothing but a heartbeataudio preview
08. lifelessaudio preview
09. confessionaudio preview
10. nothing remainsaudio preview
11. falling downaudio preview
12. shiftaudio preview
13. din världaudio preview

The album will be released on February 23rd. You can buy it on the Alfa Matrix site as usual.

Interview by Neurozine - 2006/10/12

There is an interview with Mind:state on the Neurozine website. Check it out...

Mind:state @ Neurozine

Your first and official release is just around the corner. Your upcoming EP, wich will be released October 6th, is called "bbbc2x".
A pretty odd name for a release right? Or what do you think? How did you come up with the title?

- "Yes, that is a pretty odd name. Everyone keeps asking what it means, but that is the main reason for that name. If you think it through enough, the meaning of it is pretty logic. Actually, it was not me who came up with the title; it was Séba (our label manager). I did forward a couple of suggestions but I didn't think any of them sounded good enough. A classic is to name it after one of the songs that is included on the EP, but that felt kind of boring. I knew I wanted a name that didn't have any obvious meaning. So, when Séba came with the suggestion "bbbc2x", it felt like the right choice!" ...

bbbc2x EP Release! - 2006/09/06

Great news! The debute for Mind:state will take place with a release of the brand new EPCD entitled 'bbbc2x'. The EP is club oriented, and will play well on the dance floors!

His recent compilation appearances and remix works have wet your appetite for more… Many contacted us to ask when the first official Mind:State release would be coming out. Ahead of the album release, this October the Swedish one man project will break the silence by offering you a first insight preview of what his forthcoming album "Decayed, Rebuilt" will sound like…

Mind:state - 'bbbc2x' EPCD

On many occasions Mind:State received eloquent comparisons with prestigious bands like VNV NATION, NAMNAMBULU and especially ASSEMBLAGE 23. And it’s true that fans of soulful melodic electronics with a sharp edge will not resist to the shimmering darkness of Per Holmström’s songs.

The DJ EP was produced by Len Lemeire (UNTER NULL, DUNKELWERK, ANNE CLARK, IMPLANT, etc.).

PRICE: EUR 14 Free shipping worldwide
Original Release Date: Oct. 06th. 2006
Label: Alfa Matrix
Format: EP DJ limited box

>> I want to buy this EP! <<

01. Beliefaudio preview
02. Black Angelaudio preview
03. Bloodlinesaudio preview
04. Close Your Eyesaudio preview
05. Black Angel (CUT.RATE.BOX mix)audio preview
06. Belief (STATE OF THE UNION mix)audio preview
07. Bloodlines (IMPLANT mix)audio preview
08. Close Your Eyes (AURAL VAMPIRE mix)audio preview

The bbbc2x EP will be released on October 6th. You can buy it on the Alfa Matrix site as usual.

New release - 2006/07/03

Alfa Matrix is releasing a new compilation to celebrate their 5th birthday. Here's an excerpt from the news:

In August 2006, the Belgian label ALFA MATRIX will celebrate its 5th anniversary. For the occasion, a special deluxe carton box double-CD label compilation, "alfa matrix - re:connected [2.0]" will be released featuring exclusive and previously unreleased material from ALL artists in the matrix. And as a special feature to make this release even more valuable to collector's, an extended colour booklet is included to visually enhance the experience!

The compilation will be released on August 29th. You can buy it on the Alfa Matrix site

Mind:state on MySpace! - 2006/06/29

Mind:state can now be found on MySpace - - Go and have a look! The MySpace page is updated with music from the soon to be released album. So go there and help spread the word of Mind:state.

The EP is almost finished and will feature some interesing remixers.

Mind:state is signed! - 2005/12/20

Mind:state is now a proud member of ALFA MATRIX, that means that M:S is signed to a nice label and will release it's Debute Album - Decayed, rebuilt - in 2006! That's pretty cool news!

In other news you may have noticed the new website design. The site we designed by Ryan of Witchhunter and the site art is based off the new album artwork by Scott of Cancerbox.

Awesome news! - 09/19/05

Mind:state is progressing well, as the band is currently beeing featured on the upcoming compilation Cyberl@ab 5.0 (released by alfa matrix), with bands like FRONT 242, VNV NATION, LEAETHER STRIP & FIXMER/McCARTHY etc.

More info on the compilation, and pre-sales, can be found at the Alfa matrix website.

Direkt link

Also, with this refreshing new official start of the real Mind:state, the homepage will be a bit re-modeled. AND! Even better news is to come in the near future! Stay tuned to this site, and the Alfa Matrix site!

Good news! - 03/14/05

The live show at Electrobash #4 went superb! A huge thanks to everyone that showed up. Pictures from the show will be up in a few days.

Bad news! - 01/27/05

Today was supposed to be a great day. The day that Mind:state was going to beat Audio.Warfare in table tennis. But sadly, m:s lost.

The score:

The score was even through out the game, but the last set was kind of embarassing.
I am ashamed.

Oh! And stay tuned for live shows and new material.

More live shows - 09/18/04

First off I want to thank everyone that showed up at DMz! The gig went great and was really fun!

Yet another gig is on the list. This time in Oskarshamn, October 30th, at the Electronic Wonders festival. A new section, a live section, is added to the site. You will find it on the menu to the left. The links were removed, they didn’t really contribute to anything.

New material is beeing worked on. When it will be done no one can tell.

Live Show - 08/23/04

A gig is booked! September 8th, Mind:state will be playing Live at Fredmans (Det svarta staketet) - Uppsala - with three more bands. A synthpop band called Blunda, a goth/psycobilly band called Dödens lammungar and an electroband, that I don’t know the name of.An interview with Mind:state can be found at (direct link). It is in swedish. Sorry folks!

I’ll see you at the gig!

New Show and song - 04/17/04

Live show
Mind:state is playing Live at Electrobash #3, Grand - Uppsala (sweden) April the 23rd with Spetsnaz, Cocos Palme and Red Cell.New songs
Two new tracks are up! One is a brand new song called Confession (be aware that the song might be altered soon), and the other is a remix of Mother, father by the very talanted Null-Execute. Go check them out in the audio section.

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